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“I haven’t experienced a migraine in weeks.”

I have had the unfortunate lack of being plagued with migraines from a young age. Before receiving NUCCA I would get a migraine every few weeks that would keep me locked up in my bedroom, causing me to miss school and experience painful bouts of vomiting. Now, after only a few visits, my spine is holding its alignment and I haven’t experienced a migraine in weeks. Thank you Dr. Plancich for all your help.

~ Josh

“Pain-free after 30 years of headaches…”

Dr. Plancich has been treating me for an issue with my neck. I sustained an injury on my neck over 30 years ago. I was having a lot of severe headaches due to this injury and this brought me in to see her. Since being treated my headaches have not been occurring. Thank you, Dr. Plancich.

~ Steve

“The technique is amazingly subtle, yet my body immediately felt as if help had finally arrived.”

I started seeing Dr. Plancich in April. I met her in 2011. I was intrigued by the NUCCA method because it focuses on the Atlas, the very top bone of the neck. My short story first….

When I was 11 or so I was doing a kid’s thing walking on a concrete wall/fence and I tripped falling directly on the top of my head. That caused me great pain and injury and I was too ashamed to tell anyone. Well, that fateful day has caused me unimaginable pain and suffering over the years. The first symptom was a bad posture, then in my early 20′s I experienced my first painless migraine; tingling sensation in my fingertips, kaleidoscope vision, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), escalating to numbing in my face and tunnel vision, to the most frightening symptom of inability to speak the words that I was trying to communicate, pure gibberish as I would try to ask for help, and disorientation.

These symptoms continued despite my religious attendance to chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists over some 30 years. What I had always desperately wanted was someone to adjust the Atlas, I had obviously screwed it up, but each previous Chiropractor would get to the point of saying well there is nothing we can do about the snap, crackle, pop of your neck, which was the ever lingering symptom at the very top of my neck between the Atlas and the Axis, the second bone. Sigh!

My first adjustment with Dr. Plancich was orgasmic! The technique is amazingly subtle, yet my body immediately felt as if help had finally arrived. It was like having an itch that I’ve had for over 40 years SCRATCHED! Come on you know what that would feel like. Seriously, though, I embarked on a path of unwinding the entire imbalance that my spine has tolerated for so, so long.

I am just mid-stream in this process, but I can tell how my body is incrementally adjusting to setting things straight. Each adjustment heralds healing in my spine and body. I went from twice a week meetings to once every two weeks in just over 2 months, and that included a disruption in adjustments due to our vacations.

Dr. Plancich is professional and personable. NUCCA uses a precise science of measurement and physics, no bone cracking or discomfort, just good old fashioned healing. Love it!

Thank you Dr. Reanna Plancich!

~ Sonia

“After 30 years of debilitating tension and migraine headaches, I am now headache AND pain reliever free!!”

I have tried everything else and only found temporary fixes until now. I was certainly skeptical but, also quite desperate. So, I figured that I would give NUCCA a try after a friend recommended it.

It was definitely the right decision because this is actually a way to ELIMINATE your pain, not just manage it. I haven’t had an adjustment in 2 months and I feel great.

If you are dealing with pain, please give Dr. Plancich a try. It will change your life.

~ Diana

“What a surprise to have no pain at all at the end of that long day!”

My first visit with Dr. Plancich was in mid-December; just five weeks later I’m already seeing significant results.

In the past, I’d seen three different “crack and pop” chiropractors who didn’t seem to pay much attention to me, and who seemed overly focused on getting the adjustments made, regardless of whether my body wanted to cooperate. At one point, I was seeing a chiropractor twice a week for many weeks. At no time during any of the sessions with any of these chiropractors, however, did I ever see actual results in terms of how my spine and body responded.

Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Plancich, though, my hips and my shoulders are almost level — for the first time, when I stand straight, my left arm touches my left hip! — and my head tilt is almost non-existent. I openly wept the day I saw my x-rays that showed my head tilt had been reduced from 3-3/4 percent down to 1-1/2 percent. I never imagined my spine could be normal, and here, at 45 years old, I’m almost there.

I have considerably less pain in my curving, twisting, spine — and, at times, no pain: Recently, I was able to sit in the back seat of a car for a four hour drive, then sit nearly all day at a basketball game, and then sit again for the drive home — all without pain. Normally, I would be aching and sore in my lower back for at least one day, oftentimes with that pain being almost debilitating. What a surprise to have no pain at all at the end of that long day.

As a bodybuilder, getting the signals to my muscles, and getting my spine aligned, is important for muscular development. I have been noticing a better muscle pump during my training sessions, and believe that the asymmetry in my back development, as caused by my scoliosis, will soon start to equalize.All this without the stressful cracking and popping. Thank you, Dr. Plancich! I am forever grateful!

~ Alicia

“I am a NUCCA believer!”

I started seeing Dr. Plancich for whiplash treatment after I was rear-ended. I’ve only seen a chiropractor a couple times in my lifetime, and it always made me nervous. The popping and twisting and cracking…I was worried something could go wrong. Dr. Plancich was recommended to me by my other Chiropractor in California. Again, I was wary at first, assuming that NUCCA treatment would be the same as any other. I was so wrong! It’s the least invasive treatment I’ve ever received and incredibly relaxing!

Dr. Plancich is so kind, welcoming and thorough. She had my full confidence from the moment I met her. She made sure that I had good understanding of the NUCCA treatment, before we got started. Not only did the aches and pains from my accident go away, but I feel stronger and better and healthier than I did before the car accident.

My posture has improved tremendously. I have a desk job, and used to get knots in my shoulders and pain in my neck – not any more. Dr. Plancich gave me some great exercises to do at my desk to help prevent those too! I realize now how important it is to take care of your spine, so ensure the rest of your body stays healthy. I will definitely be recommending Dr. Plancich and NUCCA to my friends and family. I am a NUCCA believer!

~ Jennifer